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​Report: Labour Market 2016

This quarterly release analyses the labour market situation in 2016. Topics covered include unemployment, employment, redundancy, re-entry into employment, job vacancy, labour turnover, hours worked and income from work.

This report includes a section on the redundancy and re-entry situation in 2016, analyzing the share of redundancies by residential status, occupation and industry, as well as profile residents who re-entered into new jobs.

Key findings: Resident unemployment rate rose in 2016 after holding steady in the past four years. More unemployed also took longer to look for work. Job seekers continued to outnumber job vacancies. Redundancies continued to increase and the re-entry rate among those made redundant declined in the recent two years. Local employment grew while foreign employment contracted. Median income for citizens continued to grow over the last five years.

For more key findings, please refer to the highlights of the report.


A newer release, Labour Market Report, 4Q 2017, is now available.
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