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Chart: Entries and Exits

For the whole of 2018, employment growth among locals (27,400) was more than double that of foreigners (excluding FDW: 10,900).

Continuing the trend observed since 2016, the number of local entries remained on the uptrend, while exits declined. The net growth in local employment in 2018 was a result of 198,400 persons entering employment and 175,500 persons exiting. The increase in entries was mainly into jobs in professional services, F&B, construction, information & communication and financial services, and seen across most age groups. Nonetheless, local employment in construction contracted in 2018 as there were more exits from the sector compared to entries. Local exits from employment were lower than a year ago mainly because fewer left due to termination and completion of contract.

For more information on the concepts and definition of entries and exits data, please refer to the Technical Note on Entries and Exits in Local Employment.


Last updated on 12 April 2019 10:00:03
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