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Report: Labour Market Advance Release Third Quarter 2021
Released on:29/10/2021 10:30 AM

​​​​​​​​Report: ​Labour Market Advance Release Third Quarter 2021


Advance estimates showed that the labour market performed better in 3Q 2021 compared to 2Q 2021 although recovery remains uneven across sectors. The decline in total employment was significantly gentler due to substantial resident employment growth, particularly in outward-oriented industries. Non-resident employment continued to decline at a pace similar to 2Q 2021. The unemployment and retrenchment situation showed signs of improvement as well. Unemployment rates declined for the second consecutive month, after a brief uptick in July 2021, while the number of retrenchments fell in 3Q 2021.

For more key findings, please refer to the highligh​​ts of the ​repo​rt.​

Released on: 29 October ​2021