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Report: Labour Force In Singapore 2016
Released on:26/1/2017 12:00 AM

​Report: Labour Force in Singapore 2016

This annual publication presents a comprehensive range of statistical information on the economic activities of the population, including detailed analysis and data on employment and unemployment as well as characteristics of persons in and outside the labour force. It also examines a wide range of topics including income, training, term contract employment, hours worked and modes of job search.

Key findings: The resident labour force participation rate (LFPR) trended up over the last five years, due to rising female LFPR and stable male LFPR. Amid the weaker economic environment, the employment rate was stable while the unemployment rate rose and real median income growth moderated in 2016.

Key findings of the report has been released in the Labour Force in Singapore Advance Release 2016 in end Nov 2016. 



Report Sections

Preface PDF 22KB
Infographic PDF 1.6MB
Part I: Survey Findings

Highlights on Labour Force 2016 PDF 24KB
Survey Findings PDF 1.1MB
Part II: Survey Coverage and Methodology

Survey Coverage and Methodology PDF 245KB
Part III: Statistical Tables

Labour Force html
Employment html
Unemployment html
Outside the Labour Force html

Notations and Abbreviations PDF 385KB
Copyright Notice PDF 284kB
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