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​Report: Labour Force in Singapore 2018

The Report on Labour Force in Singapore is a key report on Singapore’s labour market. It analyses the employment, unemployment, incomes, and working hours of the Singapore population. Insights presented in this Report are based on data collected from the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey. Over the years, the information has helped individuals, businesses and policy-makers understand the shifts in our labour market in greater detail, and formulate policies and programmes to help improve the well-being of workers. An advance report was earlier published in end Nov 2018.

For key findings, please refer to the highlights of the report.



A newer release, Labour Force In Singapore, 2019, is now available.

Labour Force In Singapore 2018


Report Sections

Preface PDF 562KB
Infographic PDF 130KB
Part I: Labour Force in Singapore 2018

Highlights PDF 29KB
Labour Force in Singapore 2018 PDF 1.2MB
Part II: Survey Coverage and Methodology

Survey Coverage and Methodology PDF 84KB
Part IV: Statistical Tables

Labour Force html
Employment html
Unemployment html
Outside the Labour Force html

Notations and Abbreviations PDF 900KB
Copyright Notice PDF 25kB
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