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Report: Labour Force In Singapore, 2012
Released on:31/1/2013 12:00 AM

Report: ​Labour Force In Singapore, 2012

The resident employment rate reached a new high, reflecting the high employment creation and the rise in labour force participation among women and older residents. However, income growth has moderated, amid the weaker economic conditions.

This annual report presents a comprehensive range of statistical information on the economic activities of the population, including detailed analysis and data on employment, unemployment, characteristics of the labour force and economically inactive persons. It also examines a wide range of topics including training, income, term contract employment, hours worked and modes of job search.

Report Sections

Preface PDF 75KB
Key Labour Indicators PDF 93KB
Part I: Survey Findings
Highlights on Labour Force, 2012 PDF 91KB
Survey Findings PDF 696KB
Part II: Survey Coverage and Methodology
Survey Coverage and Methodology PDF 300KB
Part III: Statistical Tables
Labour Force html
Employment html
Unemployment html
Economically Inactive html
Notations and Abbreviations PDF 68KB
Copyright Notice PDF 80KB
Feedback Form PDF 17KB
Project Team PDF 16KB