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​​Report: ​Labour Market First Quarter 2018

This quarterly release analyses the labour market situation. Topics covered include unemployment, employment, retrenchment, re-entry into employment, job vacancy, labour turnover and hours worked.

Key Findings: The labour market continued to improve in the first quarter of 2018. Total employment grew slightly, compared to the decline in the same period a year ago. The number of retrenchments fell to a five-year low, and unemployment rate declined. Coupled with an increase in job vacancies, the ratio of job vacancies to unemployed persons rose above 1 for the first time since March 2016.

This edition also features a technical note explaining the revision to the methodology for seasonally adjusting the unemployment time series.

For more key findings, please refer to the highlights of the report.


A newer release, Labour Market Report, 4Q 2019, is now available.
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