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​​​​Report: Own Account Workers 2016

This report profiles the characteristics of own account workers, based on data obtained from a new Supplementary Survey on Own Account Workers conducted by the Manpower Research and Statistics Department in 2016.

Key findings: 

  • 200,100 residents were involved in own account work as a regular form of employment in 2016. 83% were own account workers by their preferred choice.

  • 83% did own account work as their primary job, i.e. own account work took up a majority of their working time. Primary own account workers tended to be older, or less educated. Significant proportions worked in traditional occupations such as taxi drivers and real estate agents.

  • 17% did own account work as their secondary job, i.e. own account work took up a minority of their working time. Secondary own account workers were younger, or better educated. They were more likely to be working in occupations such as private tutors or private hire car drivers.

  • The top concerns of freelancers were uncertainty in finding work, non-eligibility for employee ​benefits and not getting their fees in full or on time.

For more information, please refer to the highlights of the report.


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Own Account Workers 2016

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