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Workplace Safety And Health Table(s)
Released on:29/6/2017 12:00 AM

Singapore Yearbook Of Manpower Statistics 2017: Workplace Safety And Health Table(s)

The Yearbook contains a wide range of statistics on the labour market. These include key data on the labour force, job vacancy, wages, redundancy, labour turnover, hours worked, conditions of employment, labour relations, workplace safety and health, higher education and skills training.

(F.1) Workplace Safety and Health Indicators by Industry, 2016 XLSx 28kb
(F.2) Top Incident Types Leadi​ng to Workplace Injuries by Industry, 2016 XLSX 29kb
Workplace Injuries by
(F.3) Industry and Degree of Injury, 2016 XLSX 27kb
(F.4) Incident Types and Degree of Injury, 2016 XLSX 24kb
(F.5) Top Incident Agents and Degree of Injury, 2016 XLSX 24kb
Confirmed Cases of Occupational Diseases by
(F.6) Type of Disease, 2006 – 2016 XLSX 25kb
(F.7) Type of Disease and Industry, 2016 XLSX 28kb
(F.8) Amount of Work Injury Compensation Awarded ($m), 2014 – 2016 XLSX 24kb

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