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Singapore Yearbook Of Manpower Statistics 2019
Released on:27/6/2019 10:00 AM

Report: Singapore Yearbook Of Manpower Statistics 2019

The Yearbook contains a wide range of statistics on the labour market. These include key data on the labour force, job vacancy, wages, retrenchment, labour turnover, hours worked, conditions of employment, labour relations, workplace safety and health, higher education and skills training.


​​ ​​​​​​​​​
In the version of Table H.3 originally published, the figures for Bachelor of Accountancy under three-year programme were wrongly reported. SUSS's Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Marketing should be grouped under three-year instead of four-year programme. The errors have been corrected in the latest version.​

Report Sections

Preface​ PDF 168kb
Labour Force​
Concepts and Definitions PDF 56kb
Tables html
Income, Wages and Earnings
Concepts and Definitions PDF 206kb
Tables html
Employment, Hours Worked and Conditions of Employment
Concepts and Definitions PDF 123kb
Tables html
Labour Turnover, Retrenchment, Job Vacancy and Employment Service
Concepts and Definitions PDF 114kb
Tables html
Labour Relations
Concepts and Definitions PDF 163kb
Tables html
Workplace Safety and Health
Concepts and Definitions PDF 37kb
Tables html
Social Security
Concepts and Definitions PDF 102kb
Tables html
Higher Education and Skills Training
Concepts and Definitions PDF 123kb
Tables html
Key Economic Indicators
Notations and Abbreviations PDF 156Kb
Copyright Notice​ PDF 54Kb