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Report: Labour Force In Singapore Advance Release 2020
Released on:3/12/2020 10:30 AM

​Report: Labour Force In Singapore Advance Release 2020

This report focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on different segments of the resident labour force in Singapore, based on data from the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey conducted in mid-2020. A final report of the survey findings, Labour Force in Singapore 2020, will be released in end-January 2021.


COVID-19 had a varied impact on different population segments. Resident employment rate continued to rise for seniors in June 2020 compared to June 2019, but declined for youths. Non-PMETs were more impacted compared to PMETs, with larger increases in unemployment and time-related under-employment. Real income moderated at the median, and more so at the 20th percentile, but help from government mitigated the impact on lower-income earners.

For more key findings, please refer to the highlights of the report.