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Report: Job Vacancies 2019
Released on:20/3/2020 10:00 AM

​Report: Job Vacancies 2019

This annual report provides a detailed analysis of the job vacancy situation in 2019. It highlights positions that employers are looking to fill and identifies shifts in hiring patterns due to changing demands of the economy. It also looks at the type of vacancies that were unfilled for extended periods.


The number of vacancies fell in 2019 due to cautious hiring sentiments. However, vacancies remained available across sectors, particularly in the growth sectors. Job opportunities were mainly in information technology, healthcare, business development and sales. Employers are also placing more emphasis on applicants’ skills, work experience and attitude, beyond academic qualifications. For harder to fill PMET vacancies, the lack of specialised skills was also a common reason mentioned by employers. This underscores the need for job seekers to reskill and upskill to stay relevant to changing job requirements.

For more key findings, please refer to the highlights of the report.

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