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Concepts and Definitions

“Top 3 Most Popular Job Search Methods in Singapore”. Such titles capture our attention. But how is this information obtained? We can do so by compiling statistics to find the most popular choice, or the mode. 

How to find the mode?

To derive the mode, all we have to do is to determine the number (if the indicator is quantitative) or choice (if the indicator is qualitative) that occurs most frequently. 
Example 1: Job Hunting
Unemployed, your friend seeks your advice on ways to find a job. To help him, you would like to propose a few ways of searching for a job. You feel that one way you can help is to suggest that he use the most popular job search method. Therefore, you conduct an online survey among 80 of your friends who have found jobs. Which is the most popular method of job hunting?

Number of People Surveyed who Found Jobs by Job Search

 Since the method ”Answered advertisements” is the most popular, this is the mode.